Leveraging Liquidity Risk to our Advantage

The importance of prudent management of Liquidity Risk has grown in recent years and has attracted much attention around the world. An increase in competition over raising deposits, changes in depositors preferences, increase in off-balance sheet operations and technological improvements have affected banking corporations’ structure of funding sources and they way they manage liquidity risk. Innovation abounds and financial institutions around the world are continuing to transform their patterns of risk technology expenditure and usage.

This shift is characterized by a number of key trends that have set the tone for RiskTech innovation that are:

  • The rapid rise of lighter, cloud based solutions
  • Emergence of new and novel approaches
  • Exploitation and control of data to unlock greater efficiency and performance
  • Magical technologies like Artificial Intelligence

Indeed, the fevered dash for compliance that characterized the post crisis era has given way to a more cautious enthusiasm, tempered by experience. Firms have a new realism about what technology can achieve, paying more attention to using the right tools for the right use cases on the right platforms.

A Proud Moment for Intellect

Risk technology is a diverse, fast moving space and to keep pace with the latest trends in the market, and to keep pace with the latest trends in the market, RiskTech100® have recognized a number of firms globally, across a wide range of categories and have declared Intellect Design as the Winner in the Liquidity Risk and ALM solutions category at RiskTech100® Awards 2019.

RiskTech100® is an annual ranking of the top 100 players in the market for risk and compliance technology. It is produced by research firm Chartis Research. RiskTech100® is globally acknowledged as the most comprehensive independent study of the world’s major players in risk and compliance technology. Using a robust, repeatable methodology, it ranks the top 100 risk technology providers, and identifies the top players in specific risk and compliance categories. Vendors from all areas of risk technology make detailed submissions to our team of industry experts, which analyze these and other data sources to develop the final rankings.

The RiskTech100 Awards ceremony was held in New York on November 8th 2018. The prestigious event recognized the category winners, and highlighted a clutch of Rising Stars that are making an impact in the market.