About iRTM

With over 76 implementations in 70+ countries, iRTM provides comprehensive suite of solutions, to address the requirements in Risk, Treasury and Capital Markets domain. It delivers performance via a user configurable Straight-Through-Processing (STP) mechanism by eliminating redundant manual processes and enabling the user to focus on managing the exceptions within the firm’s transaction flow. The product suite supports various asset classes over a highly configurable and scalable platform. The comprehensive and modular feature of the solution suite ensures that the various requirements of liquidity risk officers, treasurers, CFOs, brokers, Asset Managers, Custodians, Portfolio & Fund Managers are met with.

Based on evolving customer requirements, the solutions are capable of rapidly deploying new products in new markets using Intellect Design Arena Limited's Smart Build MethodologyTM. Each solution is designed to seamlessly ‘fit in’ to the client’s existing technology landscape. The solution modules can be either fully or partially deployed to fill the existing functionality holes in the technology landscape. The digital aspect of the treasury and markets offering provides a seamless Omni channel experience. The liquidity risk, treasury and capital markets solutions provide comprehensive regulatory reporting capabilities which can be customized to any regulatory environment.

Execution Capability

Our implementation follows " D-3 OTIF " an extreme execution delivery framework , which promises "On Time in Full - 3 days of committed delivery date" . We work as partners with our clients , in sharing the same business vision and this goes beyond the initial implementation. While 6 weeks Custody implementation at Bank Of Jordan or 4 months front-mid-back office Treasury implementation in Bank of Ceylon ,are indicators for implementation certainty, our decade long relationships with "zero downtime" for the largest Treasury, convey our product maturity and reliability. Quote from the website of Gulf Custody Company: “With over 43 clients managing in excess of 100 funds "INTELLECT" has the track record and client base to support the claim to being Middle East’s leading fund accounting solution.”

Execution Capability

Integration Capability

Designed to seamlessly 'fit-in' to your technology landscape

Modules can be either fully or partially deployed to fill the existing functionality gap in the technology landscape.

Comprehensive regulatory reporting capabilities which can be customized to any regulatory environment.

Enables generation of standardized and periodic risk reports, based on a bank's risk profile.

'Shorter time to compliance' through accelerated integration and pre-stored reporting line definitions.

Cloud Ready Offerings

Cloud Ready Offerings

Installed client-server technology is giving more and more way to next generation cloud based SaaS technology (Software as a Service). Intellect Cloud Ready Offering is a shared, embedded and integrated infrastructure. Intellect recognizes that even for the most risk-averse technology users, any possible drawbacks of migrating to the cloud are far outweighed by the operational, innovation and cost benefits that it will continue to deliver throughout its lifecycle. Security measures such as encryption and multiple firewalls are implemented by the SaaS system, which means that any compromise of information is significantly less likely than if the solution was hosted on the company servers.