Portfolio construction and management is at the core of asset management. The success of a fund depends on the extent to which portfolios are created in line with investment mandates and styles, how decisions are rebalanced, and how thoroughly investments are monitored.

This report examines portfolio management platforms (PMPs) that are used by financial institutions to manage their portfolios and investments. The PMP is a core component of the investment management lifecycle: other types of asset management functionality (such as trading, portfolio construction/modeling, performance, and risk analytics) are layered on top of the platform, across multiple asset classes that are used to drive businesses and investment styles. Many vendors covered in the report have created a bundle of portfolio management modules and services that provide basic data management platforms for transactions and positions. These can also extend into specific investment management lifecycle functions and very specific asset classes backed by decision analytics (including portfolio/construction modeling, market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, portfolio risk, stress and scenario analysis) that can extend into multiple modules, depending on asset class, investment style, investment charter and other operational components.

This quadrant report has assessed vendors’ PMP solutions as a suite of products, focusing on their primary portfolio management components and the linked components they provide access to PMPs starting with primary functionality: storing and managing core atomic investment transactions and positions with essential reference, pricing and meta data. Intellect’s Capital Cube is rated as ‘Category Leaders’ in the space.