Intellect OneMARKETS gets on the winners’ podium at the Banking Technology Awards 2017 for Best Use of IT in Treasury & Capital Markets

Intellect OneMARKETS was short-listed for the Banking Technology Awards under two different categories – one for the best use of IT in Treasury & Capital Markets and the other for the best use of Cloud. The award ceremony which was held on 13th December at the Millennium Hotel Mayfair London, announced Intellect as a winner in the first category.

Creating customer engagement

The Republic of Turkey is going through one of its most challenging periods directly exposed to severe regional crises that are spiraling into serious geopolitical tensions. One critical area to boost the potential of the Turkish economy is the development of capital markets.

Borsa Istanbul is part of a comprehensive capital market reform program under which the exchange is to become a financial centre for the region (south-eastern Europe, North Africa and Turkey). As part of its ‘Engage the Customer’ initiative, Tacirler, one of the leading independent investment firms, is helping Borsa Istanbul revive the capital markets by engaging large corporates to invest in Turkey. Tacirler Investment partnered with Intellect to drive this large initiative, and implemented Intellect OneMARKETS.

Overcoming the challenges steadily

The focus was not on achieving volume but more on engaging investors across the spectrum, and slowly increasing the liquidity in capital market, which in turn would encourage more companies to list in Borsa Istanbul.

The biggest challenge for Tacirler was to find a solution which would cater to the varied needs across customer segments, offer investments into multiple asset classes and yet provide latency in microseconds. All these without having into invest into multiple platforms so that apart from the initial investment, the recurring cost is also kept low. Secondly while the retail segment is keen on trading through mobile apps, corporate/institutional clients demand low-latency trading.

Intellect stepped in to implement OneMARKETS, covering Brokerage, Order Management Solution that includes Risk Management System (RMS), embedded Algo Trading Engine, and Intellect OneTREASURY with the cross assets offerings.

While institutional clients could be engaged through personal interactions and low latency trading with direct market access, retail had to be engaged through aggressive digital reach. For every such implementation, the client would have to pay a recurring charge to the exchange. To overcome this challenge, the Intellect team introduced the Intellect Transaction Exchange Router (iTXR), which acts as a switch that can intuitively manage all segments through one dedicated line without compromising on latency, reliability and fault tolerance.

Tacirler was able to live upto its vision of becoming the market leader in Turkey by engaging clients across all segments.

  • Tacirler is now able to service all client segments-Corporate,Retail,HNIs through a consistent user experience
  • Able to provide mobility services to retail clients for their trading needs and latency trading to Institutions
  • Able to provide Retail and HNI clients , portfolio management services , in addition to their trading needs
  • Access to varied asset classes-Exchange Traded ,OTC and Treasury managed products in the same platform
  • An annual saving to the tune of USD 200,000 by implementing Transaction Router ( a virtual switch)

What gives Tacirler an edge over competition is that it is a ‘One Stop Investment Partner’ across client segments and asset classes!